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Shower Rooms

Polystyrene sheets and acrylic sheets are the material of choice for the manufacture of translucent shower cubicle doors, partitions, sliding doors, bathroom windows and other furniture elements. They are offered in a variety of different finishes and colors, with a range of surface embossing designs that allow for different degrees of transparency and screening.

Plazit-Polygal sheets offer increased privacy combined with excellent light transmission, increased safety in an otherwise potentially hazardous location and a high esthetic appearance, making them the ideal solution for shower room design.


  • High clarity and transparency
  • Light weight
  • Superior sheet strength and durability
  • Easy to install and repair


Supplied in different colors and thicknesses, and all of the highest quality, Plazit-Polygal sheets are ideal for partitions. Our large variety of product lines offer an assortment of suitable solutions: Plazgal Embossed – Cracked Ice, Pinspot, Aqua Plazcryl Embossed - Cracked Ice, Pinspot, Aqua

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