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Stationery Storage Units

Be as creative as you want with the design of your acrylic stationary storage units. With such easy and simple construction, you can create the box that best suits your desired form and function. From plain boxes, to bins to display cases, boxes with lids and locks, ballot boxes and many more - acrylic sheets are the material of choice.

Our see-through acrylic sheets make it easy to see what’s inside your boxes, cases, and organizer units for storage and find what you’re looking for easily and fast.

Plazit-Polygal sheets are suitable for both commercial and residential jewelry, makeup, and office supply storage units, keeping your items in good shape and at your reach.



  • Light weight
  • Superior sheet strength and durability
  • Higher clarity and transparency


Supplied in different colors and thicknesses, and all of the highest quality, Plazit-Polygal sheets are ideal for Fabrication and Secondary manufacturing for the stationery storage unit projects. Our large variety of product lines offer an assortment of suitable solutions: PLAZCRYL, PLAZCAST, PLAZGAL

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